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Dear Neighbors Who Walk Their Dog Unleashed

The Glens Community Association has received several complaints about dogs being unleashed in our area. As you know, every community has a leash law that requires dogs to be kept on a leash when on public property. This is to protect you, the public and your dog.

Even socialized dogs have moments in which they are in a bad mood. Dogs are dogs and even the nicest one may have a day off, because something bothers them, or they dislike the attitude of another dog. While some dog owners may be confident in their psychic abilities about their own dogs, they do not know what to expect with other dogs. Your dog cannot get inside your head to think like you and know how you would want them to react in a stressful situation unless they are on a leash & under your supervision.

Your dog is adorable. You want it to be seen. We get it. Guess what? Leashed dog owners and dog walkers think their dogs are the coolest friends on four legs too. But enjoy all that cool while leashed. Your dog is amazing and well-trained. You have been through extensive training and your dog knows a slew of verbal commands. Your dog is a service animal and visits children’s cancer wards and retirement communities and is the best-behaved dog you have ever had. We get that. But until your dog is so heavily trained that he will stop, like an army veteran, at the sound of his name, you would have more luck with a lottery ticket. So, Neighbour, the truth is that your dog is an animal and any claim that you are 100% certain your dog will not do anything is incorrect. They MAY not, but you cannot be certain. It is simple; dogs are animals and react instinctively. On a leash we know the dog is controlled. Off leash there is risk.

Not everyone likes or wants to be approached by your dog. Not everyone is dog friendly and this may put your dog at risk if a person tries to defend themselves when they react to your dog and escalate a situation. There is also the issue of children, overly friendly, who have not been properly taught how to meet and greet any dog other than running up to them & wanting to touch. All dogs have the potential to bite, they come from the wolf pack & it is in their DNA makeup. Please take this risk into consideration.

The advantages to keeping your dog on a leash far outweigh the potential consequences of not. It is also considerate of your neighbours so they can enjoy the outdoors in safety. Currently, with COVID precautions, none of us want to be brought too close to an animal or the person with them. On a leash this is controllable. Off leash it is problematic and a health concern for many of us. Please maintain a safe distance!

Let dogs run free in their own yard or an off- leash dog park. But out in the community or on the trails keep your dog on its leash and pick up after them!!

See you and your leashed dog on the street, trails, and parks enjoying our wonderful outdoors SAFELY for all!

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noticed the Covid hashtag on this, so while a valid post it is also worth mentioning that according to the World Organisation for Animal Health, there haven’t been any reports of pets spreading COVID-19 to people, and this info is referenced by Canada here: .

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