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Student Buses Cut

Blaming an “unprecedented and unforeseen driver shortage” the agency that runs school busing in Ottawa has cut out several routes for the remainder of this week.

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority says it is calling each affected family with details.

The cancellations affect Knoxdale Public School, Manordale Public School, St. Monica Catholic School and Agincourt School.

The cancellations do not affect all routes at each school. In several cases, the morning run is cancelled but afternoon transportation will continue.

In other cases, one company is driving for part of the week and a different company will take over the routes for the second part of the week. For instance, Roxborough Bus drove the route serving St. Paul’s High School and two elementary schools (Lakeview and Our Lady of Peace) on Monday. But Premier takes over that service from Tuesday to Friday.

Parents who want more information are encouraged to call their local bus operator, as each of these will have the most recent information. However, the transportation authority will also answer questions at 613-224-8800, ext. 2580 or 2382.

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