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VIA Rail Upcoming Maintenance Work

There will be upcoming maintenance work within the railway right-of-way on The Glens community to manage vegetation in the rail corridor and ensure the safety and security of operations. WHAT: Vegetation management, specifically, the work will include herbicide application in certain areas within the confines of the railway right-of-way to hinder brush overgrowth. WHY: To manage corridor vegetation and ensure the safety and security of operations. For more information about vegetation management, please see: WHEN: Between May 15th 2019 and May 31st 2019. VIA Rail Canada will be conducting the necessary work during train operating hours, in the daytime. WHERE: The work will take place on the right-of-way in the section highlighted in red below. The spray is confined to the tracks and underlying ballast (gravel) only. This means that the coverage area is 20 feet wide from the center line of the track, or 10 feet on each side, again, measured from the center line. The issue of chemicals used was also extensively discussed.

Additional information:

VIA Railway Maintenance Vegetation Control

VIA Rail Canada to Pineglen and Area Residents

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