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Clearing Leaves from Catch Basins

Environment Canada has indicated that we will be receiving 40-50 mm of rain tonight along with windy conditions.

We are asking residents who are able to please take a moment to clear the leaves from their nearest catch basin.  When the basins are open, the water can flow from the roadways and into the stormwater system – where it belongs.  Water left to pool on the roads due to blocked catch basins could flow into low-lying areas like basements. 

We are also asking residents that their ditches are clear of debris, obstructions and long grass. Water in the ditch is not water in your basement!

In the areas with Inlet Control Devices, or ICDs. please be aware that these devices, installed below grade, prevent water from flowing too quickly into the stormwater system, and may mean that water stays on the road for a little longer.  The water is draining - just a little more slowly so as not to overwhelm the infrastructure.  If water is still pooling on your street after 24 hours, residents may create a service request by visiting  Service Ottawa to fill out an information form so we can send a team out to investigate.

To find the nearest catch basin, residents can look for yellow “T” markings on the roadway – they indicate that your nearest catch basin (also known as a grate) is at the side of the road.

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