The Glens Community Association Constitution


1.1. The organization herein described shall be known as the Glens Community Association, representing the areas known as Pineglen East, Pineglen West, Pineglen Annex, Clearview and Grenfell Glen.


2.1.  To initiate and participate in projects and actions which will enhance community life in the above-named districts.

2.2.  To represent the residents of these districts in matters of common concern and, if necessary, before any relevant body, governmental or otherwise.


3.1.  Membership shall be opened to all residents or homeowners in the above-mentioned districts, age eighteen (18) years or over.

3.2.  The membership period shall be from May 1st to April 30th.

3.3.  The membership fee shall be determined by the Executive annually. Only one (1) membership fee shall be payable in respect of each household and payment thereof shall qualify each adult person of that household as a member.


4.1.  The annual general meeting of the Association shall be held each year at such time and place as is decided upon by the Executive. Additional general meetings of the Association may be called by the Executive.

4.2.  It is the duty of the Executive to give notice to each household at least seven (7) days in advance of any general meeting.

4.3.  A quorum of forty (40) members shall be necessary in order to conduct business at a general meeting.

4.4.  A specific general meeting of the Association shall be convened by the Executive within fourteen (14) days of being petitioned by a minimum of twenty-five (25) members. The petition, which must be in writing, must include a statement of purpose for which the meeting is requested and the special general meetings shall not debate other items of business.

4.5.  Question of procedure at general meetings shall be determined by decision of the Chairperson. Any such decision may be overruled by a simple majority of those present and voting.

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5.1.  Each resident eighteen (18) years of age or over of a household in respect of which a membership fee has been paid shall be entitled to cast a single vote alt all general meetings of the Association.

5.2.  There shall be no right of vote by proxy.

5.3.  Amendments to this constitution must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present and voting at a general meeting.

5.4.  All other matters require a simple majority of those present and voting.

5.5.  Voting shall be by show of hands unless the Chairperson, or the meeting by majority vote, decides upon a secret ballot.

5.6.  The Chairperson will have a casting vote only.


6.1.  Election to the Executive will be made at the annual general meeting.

6.2.  The President shall appoint a nominating committee of not less than two (2) members who will submit to the annual general meeting a complete slate of nominees who have agreed to serve in the various Executive offices.

6.3.  Other nominations will be accepted by the Secretary when sponsored by any two (2) members and agreed to by the nominee.

6.4.  The Executive shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and at least six (6) Directors.

6.5.  The term of office for the President shall be for two (2) years The president shall be eligible for re-election. Following their final term of office, the President may stand for re-election as a Director in the capacity of Immediate Past President.

6.6.  The terms of office for Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Directors shall be for two (2) years with normally five (5) being elected one (1) year and four (4) the alternate years. The Executive Officers shall hold office until their successors are elected to office. All members of the Executive shall be eligible for re-election.

6.7.  The President may call an Executive meeting from time to time as required. A quorum of five (5) is necessary to conduct business at an Executive meeting. Any three (3) members of the Executive may cause an Executive meeting to be called. Decisions of the Executive shall require a simple majority of the Executive officers present and voting.

6.8.  Any Executive Officer who, during their term of office, ceases to be eligible for membership of this Association shall thereupon cease to hold office as an Executive Officer.

6.9.  In the event an Executive Officer fails to attend three (3) successive meetings of the Executive, the Executive may, after enquiring into the circumstances, declare vacant the position held by the Executive Officer in question.


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6.10.  Vacancies in the Executive created between elections by resignations or by the operation of section 6.8 or 6.9 above shall be filled by Executive appointment for the duration of the unexpired term. When a vacancy exists and until an appointment can be made, the Executive shall consist of the remaining members, in which case a simple majority of the members of the Executive shall constitute a quorum and decisions of the Executive shall require a simple majority of Executive Officers present and voting.

6.11.  Any member in good standing may, at any general meeting, move the removal of an elected or appointed Executive Officer before the expiry of their term of office. Decisions on the motion for removal shall be two thirds (2/3) majority of members present and voting. If the motion is adopted, the general meeting shall thereupon elect, by simple majority of members present and voting, a member to fill the vacancy thus arising for the remainder of the term of the person removed from office.


7.1. Committees may be constituted by decision of the Executive. Any member of the Association may, with his or her consent, be appointed by the Executive to serve on a committee so constituted.


8.1.  All funds received by the Association will be deposited in accounts in the name of the Association with a financial institution or institutions to be chosen by the Executive.

8.2.  A chequing account with monthly statements shall be used for withdrawal of funds from the said institution though other funds may be kept in other accounts as shall be determined from time to time by the Executive. All cheques from the chequing account and transfers to and from the any other accounts shall be authorized and signed by any two of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer as shall be determined from time to time by the Executive.

8.3.  The Treasurer shall present a written financial statement to the annual general meeting of the Association.

8.4.  The Executive shall appoint an auditor who is not a member of the Executive to conduct an audit of the accounts prior to the annual general meeting. Preference should be given to a volunteer who is a member of the Association. A written report shall be presented at the annual general meeting.

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A. President


  1. To act as Chief Officer and spokesman of the Association.

  2. To arrange and preside at general, special, and executive meetings, ensuring that they are conducted in an orderly and efficient manner with the rights of individual members protected.

  1. Vice-President

    1. To carry out any of the duties of the President in the latter’s absence or at his or her request.

    2. To assist the President in any manner that will facilitate the business of the Association.

  2. Secretary

    1. To keep minutes of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive and to record such in written or typewritten form.

    2. To conduct the correspondence of the Association.

    3. To replace the President as presiding officer when the President and Vice-President are both absent.

  3. Treasurer

    1. To receive, record, and bank all funds of the organization.

    2. To report at general and Executive meetings on the state of the finances of the organization.

    3. To issue petty cash and co-sign cheques for organization expenditures as outlined in the constitution.

    4. To replace the President as presiding offices when the President, Vice-President, and Secretary are all absent.

  4. Directors

    The duties of the Directors shall be determined by the Executive and would normally include such functions as chairing standing and special committees, representing the various government levels, investigating completing and problems referred by members of the Association to the Executive and organizing and controlling social and recreational activities.

  5. Immediate Past President

1. The main duty of the Immediate Past President is to act as a coordinating link between successive Executives. In all other respects, he or she shall serve as a Director.