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The Glens Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Welcome to the archives for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Glens Community Association.

2019 The Glens CA Annual General Meeting

June 12, 2019

AGM 2019 Audience
Keith Egli
Jacques - Hydro One
Brad Award

The 2019 Glens AGM was one of the most challenging to date. Topics changed daily, speakers cancelled, and dates were ever changing. There were almost 100 attendees though, with several new residents in the audience. Other challenges included recent changes to provincial legislation which forced us to abandon discussions on a number of topics; the City staff were not able to provide us with clear direction for the development process, infill or the heritage designation. Regardless of the challenges, the MC this year was Daintry Topshee, who lead the discussions with flair and grace. With such a large audience, Brian Kelly (VP) was on hand as well to deliver microphones during the Q&A’s. The highlight of the event was an award ceremony. Brad McInnis received the Ward 9 volunteer pin for his special contribution to the community.


Last winter and spring, many calls were made from residents wondering what to do about deer grazing in their backyards or coyotes running on our streets.  Kate MacNeil (Executive Director) from Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre provided a light-hearted presentation on how to coexist with wildlife. Donna Dubreil (Founder, President) was also on hand to answer resident’s questions and concerns.

To sum up their presentation, wild animals are not pets. We can co-exist with them but they should be appreciated from a respectful distance. During the spring, it is best to leave them alone as they might be nesting.  Concerns were raised with regards to feeding squirrels. Doing so attracts other less welcome visitors like large flocks of birds, rats, raccoons, coyotes or even bears!

The Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre presentation was followed by a Security and Safety report provided by our long time Community Police Constable, Sherry Jordan. As part of her discussion, Constable Jordan mentioned that in the past year, there were 71 traffic tickets issued indicating that speeding is a problem. As a result, district traffic policing is returning so hopefully this will help.

Philip Edens, Program Manager, Road Safety and Traffic investigation, and Shawn McGuire, Traffic Specialist, also provided some advice on how to best resolve our speeding problems. They will be working with Councillor Egli to find more permanent solutions to a few of the problem areas such as Pineglen, Mayo and Grenfell. Residents were able to questions and voice their concerns.

Some of our residents prepared excellent presentations to introduce topics of concern. The Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance Program, jointly prepared by Pat McLachlan and Jacques Chesnais, was presented to the audience, the City of Ottawa’s Heritage Inventory Project and register was presented by Jill Edson and finally the new website was introduced by its creator Brad McInnis.


As usual Keith Egli was in attendance to respond to resident’s inquiries. He provided an update on the motel situation, home based businesses and other issues. A raffle concluded the event. 

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who donated raffle prizes.

2018 The Glens CA Annual General Meeting

June 11, 2018

Over 150 residents from the Glens Community, Country Place and Riverside as well as few environmentalists gathered to listen to the car dealership presentation. Almost all gathered were there to protest the idea to locate car dealership next to the Rideau River and along the scenic route. There were many concerns, environmental (car dealerships are not  seen as the environmentally friendly establishments), light pollution and the biggest of all traffic. The intersection of Prince of Wales and Hunt Club is already the second dangerous intersection in the city, with traffic jams every rush hour. The site can only have right in right out  access, that will be made difficult by additional turning  and cycling lanes planned for later. The list of issues raised by residents is long. So far it was decided and agreed that the applicant will provide site plan. At issue is the Official Plan Section 4 that imposes additional requirements   on the lots abutting the Rideau River being  UNESCO World Heritage Site, National Historic Site,and a Canadian Heritage River. Among many others policies are prohibiting land uses that require outside storage or large paved areas or that produce noise, fumes and dust. There are number of stakeholders that will review the proposed plans. The actual AGM part addressed upcoming tree bylaw and urban canopy master plan delivered by the City Forester Martha Copestake. Safety concerns were addressed by CPO Sherry Jordan. Short review of dealing with the flying schools and the noise they generate was given by fellow Revelstoke residents. Councillor Egli presented recent issues, assisted with the new board election and presentation of door prizes.

2017 The Glens CA Annual General Meeting


More than 80 Glens residents listened with interest to this year AGM presentations.  Councillor David Chernushenko, Chair, Environment and Climate Control Committee, brought yet unreleased fresh from the presses  Final Urban Forest Management Plan entitled  Putting Down Roots for the Future. The plan stresses importance of all trees and mentioning that large trees require special considerations. Councillor Chernushenko presented some of the recommendations acknowledging many concerns received from our community. Of interest to the Glens are Heritage Tree By-law, incentives for tree conservation and neighbourhood stewardship. Improving the effectiveness of the Urban Tree Conservation By-law is long overdue. Glens also expressed interest in working closely with the city on this initiative. Steve Willis, General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development touched on many infill related issues and the possibility of obtaining heritage landscape designation that would protect our rapidly vanishing white pines. Supervisor representing  By-Law & Regulatory Enforcement Services explained how the by-law works and what to expect. Constable Sherry Jordan, Community Police mentioned her limited  involvement in the community traffic issues and strongly suggested reporting any issues. Finally our Councillor Keith Egli reviewed past and current issues and concerns. The most discussion centered  on the newly released Merivale Grade Separation study especially  costs, the need and community impact.
As usual event ended with prizes donated by local residents, businesses and the city.

2016 The Glens CA Annual General Meeting


Over 100 residents attended and listen to the presentations from Councillor Keith Egli, Jeremy Doherty,  Ottawa Paramedic Service, Jasmin Isabelle, Deputy City Treasurer, Corporate Finance and  Constable Sherry Jordan, Community Police. Glens social affairs were discussed by Nicole, Patricia and Stephen.  Residents were encouraged to participate and help organize this year picnic in Pineglen Park and larger event celebrating Canada 150’s birthday in 2017. Many questions were asked, few laughters exchanged. Glens are welcoming a new board with new ideas and fresh energy. Councillor Keith Egli presented Glens President Agnes Warda with the Ward 9 Volunteer pin for her special contributions to ward 9 and the community. Many residents won special door prizes donated by businesses and few of our residents. Special thanks to: Edward Jones (Brian Kelly, Coldwell Bankers Realty (Sue Briard), Ramada, Country Place, UB Nail Spa and other donors who wish to be anonymous.

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