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Letter from The Glens CA President on COVID-19

Dear Residents,

We are faced with an invisible enemy that can affect any of us, some perhaps more than others.

In terms of social distancing we may be OK with our large lots here in the Glens, but that does not mean we should not communicate. Many residents have contacted me offering their services for those of us who might need them. Please let us know if you do need some support or assistance.

Our Glens CA website can be used as a means to contact the Glens CA volunteers. Simply go to this page and fill out the form:

I am not aware of any actual cases of Covid 19 in our area but some people who were traveling or are still away will be facing self isolation on their return and may possibly need some assistance.

The residents of The Glens tend to be a fiercely independent group, but at the same time we are strong and supportive neighbours.

Being forced to stay at home, as most of us are being told to do right now, can be lonely and boring, with a significant risk of cabin fever! We are able to change that. We are not encouraging visiting, but rather: pick up the phone, use Skype or FaceTime and even shouting across the road can be encouraging and welcoming. We can use our Website and Facebook page to communicate as well. While keeping our social distance we can smile and say hello on our walks around the neighbourhood and use these times to check with people where necessary and to make sure all is well.

As per the statement below from Dr. Etches, we may expect more cases soon.

There is a link below to a 'Be Prepared' sheet with items one needs to stay in self isolation. We can share information. For example, T&T has toilet paper if one actually needs some! Though most hand sanitizers are gone, some might be still available in the Dollar Store. If people run out of their supplies, we could organize some deliveries though our Website or Facebook page. Some stores are open early for Seniors and we can provide that information or have someone go out for residents.

Let's all of us make a point of checking in with our neighbours  to make sure they are OK. This means not only for their health, but also for their stress levels in this time of uncertainly and rapidly changing events.

We will try and make sure we post any relevant information to the Website and Facebook.

Local community groups have also sent out messages encouraging donations to FAMSAC or to a local food bank. Many of our friends, families and neighbours are about to experience some truly difficult times. It is important to reach out and support those in need.

I think the community needs some positive news in these trying times. Let us set an example for others to follow and look out for each other and be socially distant but warmly neighbourly!

Be Prepared - COVID-19 Checklist



The Glens Community Association

Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health on COVID-19.

As of today we have 13 confirmed cases in our City. This number shows us that there are likely more travel-related cases that have gone on to cause local transmission of the virus in Ottawa. Since these cases are related to travel that occurred in the past, travel restrictions and the federal government’s advice for all international travelers to self-isolate for 14 days were not in place. Given the estimate that one case is likely to cause about two more, and the doubling time is 4-5 days,there could now be hundreds to even a thousand cases in the community now.

Therefore, I am asking all people in Ottawa to increase their practices of social distancing. This means limiting non-essential trips out of the home and working to maintain a distance of 1-2 meters from other people as much as possible. We are asking people to keep their children home from daycare if possible and to check with their employers about options for working from home or implementing distancing at work.

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