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Hydro One Use of Herbicide

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

A Glens resident met with representatives from Hydro One to discuss restricting the use of herbicides in the Glens.


We recently met with senior Hydro One officials and we have reached a PROPOSED  agreement.

1.    Hydro One agrees to not broadcast spray herbicides on the project during the 2018 cycle of routine vegetation maintenance. The corridor will be due for vegetation maintenance again in 2024, and we will review the work requirements at that time with notification to the community prior to any work commencing.

2.    Hydro One Forestry will consult with residents and land owners individually to discuss the targeted application of cut stems with EZ Ject to control regrowth on their property. EZ Ject is a capsule injected directly into the stem of removed vegetation. It breaks down within that woody material and does not enter the soil.  More detailed information about EZ Ject is attached for your review.

3.     As with previous rounds of vegetation maintenance, Forestry will consult with each owner on the scope of work required on their property prior to work starting.

This information has been shared with the Forestry team currently speaking with residents in your neighbourhood.  Please be vigilant when speaking with Hydro One forestry workers. You have right to request reasonable pruning, over removal.

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