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The 2020 Cathodic Protection of Watermain Project

Work scheduled to be completed in our area.

The 2020 Cathodic Protection of Watermain project expected to start in our Ward at the end of August.

Work will be taking place at the following locations;

  • MacFarlane Road - from Belledune Street to Pine Glen Crescent 

  • MacFarlane Road - from Greenside Avenue to O’Donnell Court 

  • West Hunt Club Road - from Merivale Road to 940 metres east of Roydon Place 

The intent of this Cathodic Protection project is to increase longevity of existing underground infrastructure and to reduce the risk of watermain breaks by installing anodes along watermain pipes. This work is accomplished by welding sacrificial anodes to the watermain at specified intervals to protect the pipe from corrosion. 

Excavation will be accomplished with the use of a Hydro excavator (Vacuum truck), to reduce the risk of damaging existing underground utilities. It is expected that Hydro Excavator will produce a significant amount of noise during operation but should be of short duration. Based on the Contractor’s schedule, it would take approximately 1-2 days to complete each street segment, depending on underlying soil conditions and traffic restrictions.  

It is expected that localized traffic disruptions will occur during off-peak hours. The Contractor will ensure that pedestrians and cyclists are guided safely around the work site and will always ensure access to private-public approaches. 

A Construction Notice will be delivered in advance of the work taking place.

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