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Who can be members?

Everyone who lives or works in The Glens is eligible. We enroll members by household and all adults (18+) have voting privileges at the Annual GCA meeting.  
A household is defined as all those living under one roof. This may be an extended family, a family with boarders or a group of adults living together.

Why does the GCA ask for adult members’ name, phone number and email address?

We need this information so that the GCA can contact you to share information, invitations to community events and, should an urgent issue arise. We’ll only contact you if there is an important development in your immediate area, For example, a street closure or a controversial development proposal. If you’ve agreed, we’ll also email regular summaries on GCA issues.
The GCA needs to know about its demographic so that we can honestly claim to be representative of the community. If challenged, the association must be in a position to know who is a member and how many members we have. Finally, we send occasional e-mails via our web services.  Members can remove themselves easily or be removed from the e-mail list on request.  We never send  commercial electronic messages (CEMs) to email recipients and are therefore compliant with the letter and spirit of Canadian anti-spam laws.

How does the GCA protect my privacy?

Information collected is exclusively for the use of the GCA and is never provided to any other organization. However, if a member does not want some of this information to be recorded, we will respect their wishes.

What if I can’t buy online?

The GCA’s membership campaign involves numerous volunteers. You may not be home when our representative knocks on your door, however you can still join the GCA by completing the membership form.
An annual membership is only $10.00 per household.

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