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Grenfell Crescent - Cross Country Skiers and Snowshoers on our Property

The residents on the property south of Grenfell Crescent are requesting that walkers, snowshoers and skiers obtain permission to use the property for their recreational use. There are two personal/property protection dogs on the property. It is disruptive to the family when the dogs are alerting to people on the property, but there’s also a concern for the safety of those on the property if no one is outside to call the dogs back. The family is putting 'no trespassing' and 'beware of dog' signs on the hydro pole at the edge of the field by the Grenfell access, but they had little success with the signs at the gate by the railway tracks. Some people don’t adhere to the warnings. The family realizes they live on a beautiful piece of land and are happy to share it, but ask the courtesy of neighbours to please come and ask when you would like to be on their property.

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