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Hydro Ottawa Update - Planned Replacement of Hydro Poles/Lines near Woodroffe and Grenfell

Hydro Ottawa has evaluated the Glenfell/Woodroffe location near Burnbank and has plans to convert the overhead pole lines to underground, due to the area and vegetation. There are a few poles that remain off of Woodroffe before the line goes underground and rises along Burbank. Tree trimming is required around our overhead plant to ensure good reliability and safety of our electrical system to our customers. While this work is scheduled to commence in April, as a result of continuing change of the city/province/country’s current situation amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the cable installation and pole removal may be moved to a later date. Once this date is confirmed, Hydro Ottawa will be able to provide an update through the city councillor’s office. For reference, information regarding our tree trimming activities can be found on our website. You can also view our list of planned work projects here. Please note that at this time we are reviewing our upcoming activities, and all non-urgent planned work projects will be postponed until further notice. Planned power interruptions will only be carried out if they are deemed essential.

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