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The latest update on Eastway Tank

Executive members of the Glens Community Association have held two meetings with Hon. David Piccini, Ontario Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, local MPP Hon Lisa McLeod Minister Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Councillor Keith Egli and representatives of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks to discuss the impact of the Eastway explosion and fire that occurred on January 13, 2022. The Association is particularly concerned about the potential for negative impacts on private wells in the Glens area over longer term.

Based on information and assessments available at this time, the ministry has stated that there is a low risk to residents’ wells from the incident. The ministry is satisfied that the risks to groundwater both on-site and to the Pineglen area are low. At present there is no indication of contaminants escaping into the environment from the Eastway property as a result of the fire.

The association will continue to engage with the ministry to monitor and assess site remediation and groundwater condition as the ground thaws. Residents are advised to immediately notify the ministry’s Ottawa District Office at 613-521-3450 if they notice any changes in the quality of their well water. In addition, please notify the association either through the website or by email at

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