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In Response to COVID-19 Volunteer Networks are Looking for People to Volunteer

Volunteers identified as critical for frontline agencies to deliver food and medications, to do telephone checks, and more.

Volunteer Ottawa and the Champlain Community Support Network (CCSN) announced enhanced platforms to recruit and deploy volunteers in response to COVID-19 related needs.

Volunteer Ottawa will recruit, screen and train volunteers to meet a diverse range of identified needs across the region while CCSN will seek volunteers to support seniors and adults with disabilities.

In response to this need, Volunteer Ottawa is implementing a comprehensive outreach, recruitment, training and deployment strategy with the support of the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Community Foundation and United Way East Ontario.

Earlier this week, the Champlain Community Support Network also launched a website where seniors can register to get help with grocery and meal delivery, telephone checks, and transportation to medical appointments.

Seniors can register here:

In early March, in partnership with Ottawa Public Health and dozens of organizations across the community sector, United Way launched an initiative to help support the most vulnerable in response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting our region. This collaboration has enabled local problem solving, prioritization of needs, and collaboration. To learn more about supporting the initiative, or if you require community service assistance, please visit

For a list of volunteer opportunities available visit Volunteer Ottawa and CCSN websites:

Volunteer Ottawa

Champlain Community Support Network

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