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Warning: Person Checking Neighbourhood Cars

A Glens resident wanted to share the following:

I just wanted to share what happened at approximately 4am. January 3, 2020.

A man was spotted walking onto a driveway on East Adams, checking vehicle doors then seemed like the door didn’t open and the man disappeared Into darkness. Police were called with a description and approximately 20 min later was “with police”. If anyone has damage or something missing, report to police.

The police refused to give more information than  “ the man is currently with the officers”

Please check with your neighbours, especially those who may not receive this notification.

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Thank you to whoever called it in. We saw footage on our cameras this morning of the individual rooting through our cars at 4:14am (bad coincidence we didn’t lock them last night). He was picked up by the police at the end of our driveway (as they literally caught him in the act). He didn’t try and hide, just walked up to the cruiser once caught.

From what we could see, it was a 40-60 year old male. Extremely thin. Looked like he was searching for quick money. Essentially was rummaging through the vehicle.

Hope this helps provide some extra insight.


doesnt it seem odd this person was searching for open car doors and windows @4am in Grenfell Glen..I doubt very much it is just somebody who walked into our neighbourhood to do this..I'm sorry but I strongly feel its is someone or someones kids that live around here locally..doesnt make sense for a stranger come all the way to east Adam's from outside the neighbourhood just to see if cars might be open.😥

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